Ponta d Ouro means point of gold, it is a quaint little town in southern Mozambique just 8km from the South African border. A mere 5 hours from Durban and 7 hours from Johannesburg it’s the perfect spot for weekend getaways or long lazy holidays. You will find beautiful beaches, dune forests, awesome diving and ever stretching deep blue seas. The town is a buzz of activity with markets of food and crafts.

Visit the small barracas and indulge your taste buds at some of the local restaurants. The town has a bottle store, fish shop and bakery so most things are available in the town, bottled water and ice are also available. Cell phone reception is available on international roaming or in limited spots on normal SA signal. Ponta d Ouro is a low risk Malaria area and we have not had any reported cases of malaria in the area but we always advise to come prepared with good insect repellant.Mozambique is 4×4 territory there are no tar road so you will need a suitable vehicle. Border transfers can be arranged at R160.00 per person return from the Kozi Bay border only. There is no transfer service from Maputo, you will have to make use of the local taxi service.

Things you need to know when coming to Ponta d Ouro. Please take note of the following it’s going to make your experience much easier.



Border Process

  1. You need a valid passport.
  2. You must have your passport stamped twice, once leaving SA and once entering into Mozambique.
  3. If you have an SA passport there is no visa and no charge.
  4. If you have any other passport your will need a visa which you can get at the border, the cost is approximately R750.00 but will vary depending on the exchange rate.
  5. Check the stamps are correct in all your passports before leaving the border. If this is not done correctly you will get a fine when you try to leave again.
  6. You will need a 4 x 4 or 2 x 4 with diff to get to Ponta d Ouro
  7. You must bring a copy of your car registration papers with you.
  8. It is advised that you bring a letter from you insurance company permitting you to cross the border with your car.
  9. If you are towing anything you must have a yellow and blue triangle sticker on your car and your trailer.
  10. Once you have had your passport stamped you must proceed to the customs office on the left to complete a temporary import permit for your car (there is no cost). If this is not done you will get a fine when you try to leave Mozambique again.
  11. Once this is done you need to get 3rd party insurance which is R150.00 per car and R80.00 per trailer.
  12. If you intend staying longer than 30 day please note all of the above is only valid for 30 days so you will need to go out the border and cross back in again to re do all of these processes.
  13. If you are bringing groceries in, is usually not a problem, however there are import regulations and duties may be charged. You are allowed $50.00 per passport holder of duty free groceries. We advise that you bring your receipts for your groceries with you just in case they do ask because if you don’t have receipts they will make up their own value and you could be over charged. However don’t offer them your receipts unless they ask for them. Try not to offer receipts of more than you duty free allowance even if you have brought more than you allowance with you. They will not check item for item.
  14. If you are bringing alcohol don’t bring excessive amounts and pack it in such a way that it’s hidden as the duties on alcohol are 115%
  15. Duty free allowance

Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars
Alcohol: 1 litre spirits or 2,5litre wine (3 standard bottles)
Perfume: 50ml perfume or 250ml Eau de Toilette
Pharmaceuticals: A 'reasonable amount' for personal use

No beer is allowed to be imported into Mozambique. The local beer is excellent and the famous 2M, Laurentina and Manhica brands are readily available. Other imported brands are available.


Road Rules

It is easy to forget road rules apply because there are no proper roads. In peak seasons these rules are in forced more strictly than other times of the year.

  1. You must carry your valid driver’s licence, car import papers and 3rd part insurance papers in the car at all times.
  2. Drive with your seat belt on.
  3. Don’t drink and drive or drink while you are driving.
  4. Don’t sit on the bakkies tailgate or stand on the runner borders.
  5. You May not drive on the beach, you will get a 20 000 MT fine. Only launch vehicles are allowed on the beach and only in the launch site area.
  6. Quad bikes are not allowed to be driven at night after 10pm.
  7. If you are not sure what rules apply and good gage is to apply any road rules you would use if you were driving in SA.

Directions from the Kozi bay border to Gala-Gala Eco Resort

The resort is approximately 8 km from the Kosi Bay border. Once through the border gates you must take the very first turn to the right, it is immediately after the 2nd gate. Do not travel straight on the gravel road. Once you have turned right follow this road. Don’t worry about all the different roads splitting and joining just follow the most used looking road. You will head towards the coast (east) for a while and then parallel to the coast (north) for a while. Eventually (approx. 4km) you will come to an “intersection” on the right there will be a big old white house, keep following the road to the right. Continue on this road for approximately 3 km. You will eventually come into Ponta d Ouro. On the left you will pass the market. Shortly after the market you will get to an intersection cross roads (the only bit of tar road in the town). At this intersection turn right, do not go straight. From this intersection you will see the Gala-Gala Eco Resort direction sign boards so you can follow these. You will pass the police station on your right then shortly after this you will come to a fork in the road, take the left fork. Continue on this road for about 800 metres following the signs until you reach the Gala-Gala Eco Resort white entrance directly in front of you. Once through the entrance there is a border on the right showing the site numbers for those who are camping on the private camp sites then another board in front of you showing the direction of the accommodation and the private camp sites. For those staying in the accommodation there will be a board just through the accommodation entrance with your tent or cabana numbers indicated. Welcome!


Launching procedures

You can get the costs and paperwork from the maritime office in Ponta d Ouro.

  1. You must have a valid skippers licence.
  2. You must get a launch licence for any motorised boat or Jet Ski.
  3. You must get a fishing licence for any kind of off shore fishing.

General Information.

  1. There is a bank in Ponta d Ouro, the ATM dispenses Metical’s and only takes Visa cards.
  2. A lot of the restaurants and some of the shops take credit cards but again most only take visa cards. Restaurant prices are similar to eating out in any holiday destination.
  3. There is a pharmacy in the village.
  4. Most food stuff can be bought in the market or at the petrol station shop. Prices are higher than in SA.


We hope you have a great holiday!