Gala Gala Eco Resort

Escape to Gala Gala Eco Resort in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. Immerse in lush greenery, serenaded by exotic birds. Discover tranquility and adventure

Gala-Gala Eco Resort in Ponta do Ouro 
is a unique holiday experience.

Gala-Gala Eco Resort: A Decade of Sustainable Harmony.

More than 10 years ago our journey to create Gala-Gala Eco Resort began on the out skirts of the tiny village of Ponta do Ouro in Southern Mozambique. Since then, it has evolved into the beautiful environment that our lodge is today. We kept striving to give back to the community as we grew by sourcing materials and men and women power locally.

We have implemented many eco principals and have given back to nature more than we have taken, in an effort to preserve the fauna & flora of our area. Birds and butterflies fill our trees and at nights you can hear the sounds of nature. Just a short 1.5km away, the village of Ponta do Ouro has also grown over the years, and now offers a variety of restaurants & cafes, a local market and many exciting outdoor and water sport activities, the most popular being scuba diving and swimming with dolphins.

Our marine reserve and local special elephant reserve have been declared the new Maputo national park, growing the efforts of conservation and our whole area has been declared an environmental protected area giving our future a great eco-friendly boost. 

Gala Gala Eco Resort.

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Discover Bliss at Gala Gala Eco Resort

Your Oasis of Comfort & Adventure Awaits!

Breakfast and lunch
Outdoor lounge

You’ll love Gala-Gala Eco Resort if you cherish eco-friendly principles and a natural indigenous environment with lush bush, abundant birds, butterflies, and small wildlife.

Our authentic, grounded personal experience is quite different from staying in a hotel, making it perfect for those who appreciate using local resources, immersing in village life, and enriching the local community.

Enjoy an unplugged environment with minimal noise, no televisions or music, and soak up the tranquil sounds of the bush. If barefoot luxury in a comfortable, rustic setting is your idea of a relaxing holiday, you’ll love us.

Tropical Accommodation Rates at Gala Gala Eco Resort 🌞🌴🌊

Discover paradise at Gala Gala Eco Resort in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique! Immerse yourself in our tropical accommodations, starting at R750.00 PRPN (per room per night) for 2 adults. With lush surroundings and cozy eco-friendly lodgings, you’ll never want to leave 🌴✨. Click here to explore more accommodations and book your perfect blend of relaxation and adventure today!

Unlimited Star Link Wi-Fi

in every room

Splash Pool

perfect place to cool off

Bedroom Comforts

best conditions

Bathroom Essentials

highest comfort

Served Breakfast

under the trees

Car Parking’s

for all vehicle

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Gala-Gala Eco Resort has the following facilities available for your enjoyment & convenience.

The Blue Zebra Cafe.

We offer scrumptious homemade breakfasts to enjoy.

Massage spa

offers the perfect tranquil space for a well-deserved relaxing massage

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