About Us

Welcome to Gala Gala Eco Resort in beautiful Mozambique! Nestled in stunning landscapes, our eco-friendly resort offers luxurious accommodations, authentic local experiences, and a serene retreat for rejuvenation. Embrace sustainable living, immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, and enjoy exceptional service—all while supporting the local community. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, adventure, and environmental stewardship at Gala Gala.

Thousands of Visitors Have Chosen Gala Gala Eco Resort.

Beautiful tropical beach sea and ocean with coconut palm tree at sunrise time for travel and vacation.

Your Gateway to Serenity and Adventure.

Ponta do Ouro town consist of sandy roads in and around Ponta, if you feel like travelling to the next town, called Ponta Malongane, you will need to have a 4×4 vehicle to explore. There is a beautiful tar road from the Kosi bay border post and from Maputo it’s a quick 1.5hours drive to Ponta. Border and airport transfers can be arranged for international travellers.

At Gala-Gala Eco Resort, we offer a range of accommodations to suit your needs: exclusive private deluxe ensuite cabanas, standard cabanas with communal facilities, and private campsites with their own bathrooms. Our intimate resort ensures personal attention and top-notch service, making for a unique holiday experience that keeps our guests coming back.

Ideal for weekend getaways or long, lazy holidays, Gala-Gala Eco Resort boasts beautiful beaches, lush dune forests, incredible diving spots, and endless deep blue seas. Explore the vibrant town filled with bustling markets, delicious food and drink, and unique crafts

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Gala Gala Eco Resort – Company Values

At Gala Gala Eco Resort we respect these main principles and maintain them among our friendly team.

Sustainable Living

We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices, ensuring our operations have minimal impact on the environment while promoting a harmonious coexistence with nature

Authentic Experiences:

We offer immersive and genuine experiences that celebrate the local culture, heritage, and natural beauty, providing our guests with a true sense of place.

Community Engagement:

We believe in giving back to our local community by supporting local businesses, employing local staff, and contributing to community development initiatives.

Conservation Efforts:

We are committed to protecting and preserving the natural landscapes and wildlife around us.

Wellness and Harmony:

We prioritize the well-being of our guests by offering serene and rejuvenating environments that foster physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Innovation and Excellence

We continuously strive for innovative solutions and exceptional service to enhance our guests’ experience.

Meet The Team

Meet the People Who Make Gala Gala Eco Resort Tick
Chef Tony
Grill, fry or braai, Chef Tony known’s how to…. 

Breakfast or lunch Chef will take exceptional care of you

Specialty – Braai chicken on the fire, hot or not – most probably the best marinated chicken in Ponta do Ouro. 

Housekeeping Supervisor 

Reliable with years of experience, Eliza make sure that perfection goes into her job.

Duty Manager – Day Shift 

The first person you will meet with a smile at Gala Gala, from comms to accounts and all the little extras that goes with it. Our Elzia does it flawlessly and with great passion. The face of
Gala Gala. 


Quite and professional Arti does not stand back for anything. Hardworking and sufficient in her job as our second inn charge of housekeeping. 

Duty Manager –  Night shift

From the start, Chico has been around. He helped shape Gala Gala for what it is now and knows his way around maintenance and how to deal with clients. With best of both world we are blessed to have a great leader in our team. 


This lovely lady is an expert in room decorations and always friendly and helpful. She is a real good cook and our sous chef in the kitchen. Sarah loves to dance.

Maintenance Supervisor

Meet Pedro, from plumbing to construction and fixing any problem in and around Gala Gala we are very grateful for his knowledge and determination in his work. Pedro is always
helpful, and no job is to big for him.

Maintenance Crew.

His nickname is ‘Malema’, always with a big smile and great asset to Gala Gala. He is a fast learner and has great physical strength. James loves soccer and plays for the local team in