Group Activities – 20 persons or more.

Get ready for epic group adventures at Ponta do Ouro! Test your limits in the Survivor Beach Challenge, navigate the Gala Gala Adventure Race with day and night hunts, and dazzle in the MasterChef cook-off, where local market finds meet culinary creativity. Join us for unforgettable team fun!

Let’s get down to business, this is where the brains and the muscle need to work together to succeed in this activity challenge. Skills and teamwork are the order of the days where sand and the sea will determine the winner and outcome of this activity challenge.

Survivor beach challenge

You’ve seen it on tv and know it’s time to put yourself to the challenge, individual and team challenges awaits. With a little Gala Gala spin to the twist.

Gala Gala Adventure race

Map, checkpoints and the hunt are on…. And we even have a night hunt for the more night adventurous.


All-time favorite among our groups, shop in the local market with a budget and cook away to surprise the judges with your own master chef creation.

Beautiful tropical beach sea and ocean with coconut palm tree at sunrise time for travel and vacation